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  • Marriage counseling & premarital counselingMarriage Counseling and Couple's Therapy
  • Couples therapy for you and your partner
  • LGBT affirmative therapy services

Couples choose to begin therapy or marriage counseling for many reasons. Perhaps you are wanting to strengthen your relationship prior to commitment/marriage. Maybe you are wanting to rebuild your relationship. Or maybe your relationship is ending and you are looking for closure. Participating in couple’s therapy together is a great opportunity for all couples to improve their communication skills and develop deeper, more meaningful relationships.

Issues  within our closest relationships (like the relationship with your significant other) can often spill over into other areas of life, so it’s important that these relationships be as strong and as supportive as possible. Emily will work with couples at any phase of their relationship and is an LGBT affirmative therapist. All couples are welcome.

Note: the state of Minnesota  provides discounts to individuals completing premarital marriage counseling prior to purchasing a marriage license.


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