“Dr. Spencer Reid” Ru.FF, FUR

With the addition of Shauna Erickson to the Coler Hanson Therapy team came “Dr. Spencer Reid,” our unofficial therapy dog (in training) that often accompanies Shauna along to the office. Dr. Reid is a purebred American Golden Retriever. He’s excellent with kids, incredibly friendly and just about the softest pup you’ll ever have the pleasure of meeting.

Having Dr. Reid at your therapy session is completely optional. Clients of Shauna are asked to make special arrangements should they want the company of Dr. Reid during their appointment. In his spare time, Dr. Reid loves taking long walks around the nearest neighborhood, sniffing strangers, sitting nicely for treats and snuggling. If you were to ask him, snuggling’s his favorite. He also has a natural affinity towards shaking new people’s hands and tummy rubs.

Areas of Expertise

    • Fetch
    • Sitting
    • Napping in the shade
    • Sniffing out food dropped on the floor
    • Helping others relax
    • Warming laps and hearts

Degrees & Certifications

    • Soon to be training to become an official therapy dog
    • Level 1 Puppy Obedience Training

Contact Info

Coler Hanson Therapy Professionals
225 4th AVE North, Suite 27G
Fargo, ND 58102


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